Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunset in Tunica

Greg and I took a quick, one-night trip to Tunica this weekend. He was playing in a golf tournament for Pepsi and I jokingly said I'd go with him to gamble - ha! He said why not make a trip of it and I could hangout at the outlet shops and pool while he golfed and then we'd get a good dinner that night and just hangout! We did and we had a blast. It was like a quick vacation only an hour from our house. After dinner on Saturday night we went into the casino for about 10 minutes and realized.... hey - people smoke A LOT in casinos. Seeing that I really don't enjoy inhaling second hand smoke, nor does my baby... we left and I drove Greg to the Tunica River Walk that I had passed by earlier in the day. It was beautiful at sunset. I spied some rocking chairs facing the river and had to sit and rock before we left. Here are some photos we took. The river boat was out on a dinner cruise so we didn't get to see the boat, but the building and dock were pretty amazing.

Sunset on the river.

Greg rockin' on the porch.

Me and Greg on the dock bridge.

Mama rockin' in the rocking chair.

My sweetness!

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