Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wear Peace

I saw these unique bracelets on the Today Show yesterday morning. The bracelets are made by Afghan women. They use authentic materials used by our soldiers in the field. The bracelets are parachute cords woven tightly together. This organization is empowering the Afghan women by giving them jobs to help bring their families out of poverty.

Check out the website. For $10 I think it is a great way to show peace and support for our troops who are rebuilding other nations.

Peace Cord Mission:
To empower Afghan women to lift their
families out of poverty and to support
efforts by our troops to help the Afghan
people rebuild their country.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Allergic to Teaching?

For several weeks now I have wondered if I am allergic to kids and teaching. I've always had sinus problems, but ever since I began teaching 6 weeks ago - I have stayed sick!

Well the verdict is in - I am HIGHLY allergic to dust mites and grass and have cysts in my sinus cavity. I should be a science experiment for someone.

Lovely... I am also a candidate for allergy shots.
A shot per week, for a year? No way, I don't want to deal with that!

For now the doctor gave me 2 different nasal sprays, of which the doctor wants me to use religiously each day. I'll see how that helps my sinus issues and go back to see her in a month.
Dust mites? Ugh, what are those? I am so disgusted right now at the thought of tiny mites lingering around in the dust around our house. I can dust in the morning and new dust appears within hours - how is one to keep a house free of dust mites? I wash our sheets every Saturday, dust, and vacuum. I swear I'm a clean person. Having this new diagnosis really creeps me out. I won't even google what a dust mite is, afraid I'll go into anaphylactic shock.

As for being allergic to grass - sorry Greg, no longer can I help you with mowing the yard and raking... doctor's orders.

FYI - if you are allergic to dust mites DO NOT use a humidifier. Humidity actually causes the production of more dust mites - ack!!!

Here are some nice pictures of my allergy test that was done on my poor arm!

Pretty hardcore, eh?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Run, Lass, Run!

Today I will participate in the Run For the Irish 5k, here in Memphis. Along my side will be my sister, Amy, my Aunt Becky, and my nephew Aidan. Hoping to post more pictures later! They'll be having bagpipers along with Irish dancers! I wonder if they'll be serving any boxties post-race? May the Irish luck be with us!

So, I am home now - I finished the race in about 47 minutes! I was real excited, seeing that I haven't ran a 5k in a LONG time and I walked most of this one.

P.S. My and Aunt Becky found the cutest leprechaun!