Monday, September 26, 2011

Who asked your opinion anyways?

Anonymous - (touching Katie's stomach akwardly) "Oh, look at this belly.... you are having a girl"

Katie - "You think so? I guess we'll see in a few months..."

1 minute later as Katie is walking away...

Anonymous - "Oh wow... but with that rear end, that could definitely be a boy...."

Yes, this has been a true story brought to you by me.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Funday

We decided to go find some geocaches around Lakeland this morning. When I say "we" I really mean "Greg." Although, I was excited to go, it just takes me a little longer to say yes these days to physical activity since I'm carrying extra poundage these days. The weather was great to be outside, so we loaded Birdie up and headed to the woods to find some treasures! Here are some pictures from our hunt.

Starting on the Yellow Trail
Birdie is all work, no play!


Found it!

The first geocache, an old ammo box

Found the 2nd one of the day!

Nerd Alert! Baby's first geocache

We left everything in this one and added a golf ball.

Crazy looking tree

Greg finding the 3rd geocache, across a creek
& through the woods

How cool! A birdhouse for a geocache,
someone is very clever!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

30 is RAD

No one should ever be scared of 30 - it was my best birthday BY FAR! My sweet, yet secretive, husband pulled off a huge surprise party without me knowing. I know everything and this even slipped past me! He came up with an 80s theme, since I'm a product of the 80s. 80s music was blaring, old cassettes and records were the decor, a slideshow of my life was rolling.... it was amazing! People were dressed in 80s garb and I was so confused at first, but eventually after the shock wore off and I figured out what was going on, the fun set in! Amy and Jessica set me up with 80s clothes and I was ready to party -- well, as much as a pregnant woman can party. Here are some pictures, sorry for some of the poor quality!

Me in total shock! Mamaw laughing hysterically!

Trying to hide behind Mom, what am I.... 5 years old?

Me and sis (& Karrie being sneaky in the background)

Me with my little Twink

Jessica and Jeff - no those aren't wigs!

Miami Vice made it to the party

Some 80s chick band

Papaw & me

Then off to dinner at Restaurant Iris on my birthday weekend -
all I can say is.... shrimp 'n' grits!

Monday, September 5, 2011

HELLO 3rd Trimester

How Far Along: 27 weeks

Size of the baby: About 16 in from head to toe, 2 lbs

Total Weight Gain: 16 lbs, which I am proud of... doc praised my weight gain and said to continue doing what I'm doing!

Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants and almost all maternity shirts. Got to do a little early birthday shopping this past weekend with my mom and she treated me to some new clothes! Thanks Mamacita.

Gender: Still holding strong!

Movement: This baby never sleeps, constant movement and it is so fun to watch. Mom has been here and she got to feel the baby kick and move several times. We even watched my stomach get totally uneven one day, all kinds of giggles came from both of us!

Sleep: Sleeping a little bit harder these days since work keeps me exhausted. Still having to get up 2-3 times to go to the bathroom. If only I had the courage to buy Depends...

What I miss: Don't judge me... but I miss the enjoyment of an adult beverage while sitting on the patio.

Symptoms: I suppose I will be one of those pregnant women who suffers with morning sickness throughout the pregnancy. Still having to take 1/2 Zofran each morning.

Cravings: No cravings, but have been extremely thirsty the past few days - if Lake Michigan were in front of me I would destroy it...

Weekly Wisdom: Don't stress the little stuff, enjoy life and those around me.

Best Moment of the Week: Having Mom here to feel kicks and go to the do
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