Saturday, July 31, 2010


Last night Greg and I went over to Amy and Clay's to enjoy some good eats, some baby lovin', and our cousin Justin. Justin recently moved back to the Memphis area - after finishing his Bachelors at Mizzou & his Masters at Emory in Atlanta. He has grown up so much into such a handsome & smart young man! Wanted to share this photo of the cousins on the Yancey side (we're missing 3 cousins in this photo). Nothing like good family and food!
Justin Yancey, Amy Howard, Katie Clements

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Criminal Mind Follows Me

Well I made it to Martin and back and finished my last two Praxis exams! The past few days feel like another life or something. I ended up going to Martin alone - Greg got a better offer for the weekend and I told him to take it. What fun would I be... studying, waking up at the crack of dawn, and testing for 4 hours. And not to be a downer, but there isn't much to do in Martin. The campus is the best part of the town. It's has the friendly, small-town feel but Greg would have definitely been waiting for me at the local Pizza Hut or La Cabana Mexican Restaurant all day and not sure the businesses would appreciate it. So, it all worked out well.
I didn't sleep very well, I was staying at the Days Inn, which has (as I call them) "outdoor" rooms. The doors go straight to the outside. These always scare me a bit because people know what room you're staying in because you're parked right outside the window. And it didn't help that I was one of three people staying at the hotel (or is it motel? I always get those confused) Plus, the window covering never quite covers the window all the way. Instantly, my Dateline NBC and 48 Hour Mystery mind kicks in and the wheels start churning. I thought about parking on the other side of the Days Inn to trick any potential unsubs (again, I watch too many Criminal Minds). But then I thought, that defeats the whole purpose of hitting my car's panic button and scaring off the unsub. I kept reminding myself I was in Martin, TN - what could possibly happen (in a Dateline Keith Morrison voice). Thank goodness for my small travel fan. Sitting right next to me on high. For some reason I think if I can't hear anything, nothing will happen. It's a good mantra I live by.
Anyways - wow, where did all that come from.... see what Greg has to live with? Wowzer...
I slept okay and was up bright and early, showered, ate my graham crackers, and headed out to take the tests. I arrived super early, as always, and waited FOREVER. The first test began at 8:30am, ending at 10:30am - just in time to get in the registration line for my second test that started at 11:45am and ended at 1:45pm. By 2:00pm I was heading out and coming back home. My brain was on overload and was ready to relax to some tunes and drive for a while.
All in all, Martin is a nice little town full of great people.
I guess I'll see in 4 weeks if I passed the darn tests, and if I didn't - I'll be sure to register at a location closer to home!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Photo Picnik

So I just discovered the photo editing website ->
It is my newest addiction...
From what I can tell, it's free - and this is the editing program
Picasa Web Albums uses as well.
The boys, using the "1960s" spin on the photo.

Annie get your gun...

This is a picture of Birdie using the "posterize" effect.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Who Needs White Beaches and Sunsets

Ok, so don't get too jealous, but Greg and I are going on a one-night, no expenses paid vacation this next weekend to Martin, Tennessee. I know, I know... a little bit on a whim and a little crazy. We decided against the Bahamas or Hawaii and decided to spring for Martin, TN - oh but wait, there is a long explanation if you care to hear why - -

So to become licensed in Tennessee as a teacher, I have to take and pass several series of a test called Praxis. I have passed all sections thus far and have 2 more tests to take. I had registered for one of them to take this next Saturday at the University of Memphis (the only testing center that offers the Praxis exam in Memphis). Well, I then realized last week that I have one more to take and what if I weren't to pass it in the fall? Then I would not have enough time to re-take in order to apply for my teaching license when I graduate in December... are you confused yet? But there were no more openings for the 2nd test I needed at the Memphis testing center. So I had an infamous "Katie Catastrophic Clements Freak-out Moment." These do happen frequently, its just my style. I emailed several of my professors at school and even the licensing lady, I called the testing center to get help, I was freaking out! (just ask my classmate, Ashleigh-Brooke) What if I am unable to get a job because I didn't get this test completed?

So, to skip a lot of boring details - I ended up getting signed up for both tests back to back in Martin, TN because it was the only testing center close enough to Memphis that has openings for both tests. Of course the first test begins at 7:30am and I have no idea where I'm going. So, Greg and I are going up Friday and staying the night there. My parents actually spent some time at Martin in their younger years, so it will be cool to walk the same sidewalks as they did back when...Hopefully during the 5 hours while I'm taking the tests Greg will find something interesting to do in Martin... if you have any ideas on area attractions, please advise!
Moral of this story: prepare in advance

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Little Man

Just wanted to share this photo, I love it.
Amy and Clay, you make one heck of a baby!
When's the next one? Ha!
Thank you for our sweet nephew...

Aidan James Howard at our house.
July 4, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Slug Burger in Paradise

Greg and I had a chance to visit our dear friends, Kristy and Scott Kennedy, this weekend. They recently moved to Corinth, MS - less than 2 hours from our driveway. This weekend was the big Slug Burger Festival - which we were hoping to check out. Much to our dismay, the festival started later than we thought and we had to begin our journey back home to begin my beloved homework. We did, however, stop in Borroum's Drug Store before we left for a taste of the famous slug burger. There is a lot of history in this town, I really enjoyed walking in the streets of the old town. Between the food and laughs, we had a great visit.

Wait, you might be asking ... what IS a slug burger? During the Depression years, diner cooks soughtto stretch ground beef to get more burgers per pound. Originally these hamburgers were made using potato flour as an extender. Today, the beef mixture contains soybean grits. The slugburger is made into small patties, which are fried in canola oil. They are traditionally served topped with mustard, dill pickles, and onions on a small 5-inch hamburger bun.

Borroum's Drug Store. Est. 1865
Still operated by Corinth's first female pharmacist.
The fountain inside the pharmacy offers old-fashioned cokes and malts!

Slug Burger Festival flyer

I found this banner funny, posted at the gate of the festival.
Look closely at boy and girl in the picture, looking down there pants...
"There is a difference!"
(brought to you by The Urology Clinic: Corinth, MS)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Hole-in-One Father's Day

Fairoaks Golf Course - Father's Day 2010
Chad, Greg, Claude, Arlon

It couldn't have been a better Father's Day for Claude. He had his 2 sons by his side as he hit a remarkable hole-in-one shot! Happy Father's Day to an AWESOME father-in-law. I couldn't have picked a better one myself! We love you!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Poolside with Babes!

We were able to have a little pool time this 4th of July weekend while my sister Emily was visiting from Denver! Along with my sisters, my friend Cameron joined us with her beautiful baby girl, Rowan.

Amy with Aidan, first time in the pool!

Ruby Rowan Stimson (3 hours older than Aidan)
The new moms (Amy & Cameron) with the babies!

Aunt Emily and Aidan enjoying pool time!

Aunt Kate and Aidan, that hats bigger than him!