Sunday, June 5, 2011

14 Weeks: Bumpdate

A friend of mine had used this "survey" on her blog and I thought it was a great way to keep family and friends updated, so I'm borrowing the idea from her (Thanks Lea!) Excuse the room I am in, we are in the middle of clearing it out to make it the guest bedroom. No makeup and hair was a mess this day, so no face in the photo :)

How Far Along: 14 Weeks

Size of the baby: The size of a lemon (approximately 3.5 inches)

Total Weight Gain: Really? About 5 lbs (this part of the survey may accidentally be deleted one day.....)

Maternity Clothes: My sister gave me two pairs of her maternity jeans, and I admit I have worn them a few times because they are so darn comfortable! But, still in normal clothes with the help of the rubberband trick - but have bought a few tops with a little more room! My favorite find so far are the Target maternity tanks, great for summer (pictured above).

Gender: Do not know... not finding out until the day I deliver! (...will we cave before then??)

Movement: Not yet, can't wait!

Sleep: No more good, restful sleeping! I get up at least 2 times to use the restroom. I also have to get up and take a zofran around 5:00am to prevent morning sickness! Hoping that will leave me REAL soon :)

What I miss: Picking my nephew up... the doc banned me from lifting heavy things after a few problems earlier in the pregnancy.

Symptoms: New this week: strange skin rashes - not sure if they are pregnancy related or not, but will have my OB check them out this week. Also, I'm finding I have a tougher time breathing and catching my breath. In the past few days, my nose has become stuffy all of the time. I hear pregnancy rhinitis is common and will only get worse.... where is my neti pot?

Cravings: I really want a deep-fried Philly Roll from our sushi place, but can not have the raw salmon.

Weekly Wisdom: I cannot workout at the pace I used to... take it easy and drink plenty of water!

Best Moment of the Week: Celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary at Bonefish Grill! Love you G.

Looking forward to: Our next OB appointment this Thursday!

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