Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Sloane had her 6 month checkup yesterday (a few weeks late), but she checked up good and healthy!
She weighs 18.4 lbs and is 28 inches long!  Her height is in the 97th percentile, so I hope she is tall like her Aunt Emily!  The shots were no fun, it is always hard to see your baby cry so hard she can barely catch her breath - she hates the needle.  The shots made for a rough night and morning, but she seems to be feeling a bit better, here she is snoozing while I blog:


So, yesterday I tried to put the Moby Wrap on me and carry Sloane around the house and in the yard.  I tried several months back but it was so awkward trying to get her in it after I had it tied around me.  It worked better yesterday.  But my question is, how do mom's put these on in public so fast and walk around with their child?  I see moms all the time in public places - I literally have to stand in front of a mirror and it takes several minutes to figure it out and half of the time I am laid up on the bed.  I can see myself on the hood of my car trying to strap Sloane in.... I think I'll just leave it at home and use it around the house.  However, it does help out on the back strain, carrying a nearly 19 lb child on my hip is getting to my old (almost 31 year old) bones.

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  1. I recommend the Ergo for on the go. I couldn't master the Moby, but the Ergo is great. It's quick and has awesome back support. Love it!