Monday, June 11, 2012

Colorado Family Vacay 2012

This summer vacation was spent with my family in Colorado.  For the past several summers our family gathers somewhere in Colorado to visit, relax, and play.  This summer we played in Frisco, Breckenridge, Keystone, and Lake Dillon.  Beautiful scenery and quite a different vacation, now that we have Sloane.  She loved each minute, seeing family and observing new sites and smells!  

On the shuttle at the Nashville airport, the beginning of a long day.  Yes, we drove 3 hours to Nashville because the tickets were THAT much cheaper than flying out of Memphis.  At this point I had no idea the fun that was ahead on the plane with a 6 month old....

View from our condo

Another view of the tennis courts from our condo

Aidan, my nephew

Aunt Emily rocking the Baby Bjorn to walk with Sloane

Mimi could not get enough kisses from Sloane

Grandaddy telling Sloane all about the USDA and reconstruction of agriculture

Walking around the lake

Beautiful view from the lake

Family photo

Me and Dad taking a break

Aidan and Mimi sharing a moment of laughter

Greg visited the Continental Divide, me and Sloane stayed inside where it was warm

Greg got his geocaching itch scratched

Throwing a little snow ball or two


Sloane sleeping in the burley, what a bike ride!

Me hauling Sloane

We stopped for a picture, think we were in Breckenridge

In Dillon at the outlet mall, beautiful bridge, fly fishers behind us

Greg and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary at the Dam Brewery, it was dam good.

Halfway through the bike ride, Em took over the burley to give me a break

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