Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mama Perk!

It is definitely a perk that my uncle works for Evenflo.  He signed me up to be a part of the "Moms Research Group."  Basically, the company sends me products (I have no idea what) and I use the product, complete surveys, then keep the product!  It was a no brainer to agree to do this because I love free baby stuff (although my house looks like Babies'R'Us is moving in)!  Last night we received our first package - a high chair!  It is very modern looking and Sloane looks great in it, see below!  I've been using different things to feed her in, but mostly in a small booster seat type feeding chair that is portable.  Having an actual high chair to feed her in is a treat!

Such a big girl in her big chair!

Sitting up high!

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