Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Funday

We decided to go find some geocaches around Lakeland this morning. When I say "we" I really mean "Greg." Although, I was excited to go, it just takes me a little longer to say yes these days to physical activity since I'm carrying extra poundage these days. The weather was great to be outside, so we loaded Birdie up and headed to the woods to find some treasures! Here are some pictures from our hunt.

Starting on the Yellow Trail
Birdie is all work, no play!


Found it!

The first geocache, an old ammo box

Found the 2nd one of the day!

Nerd Alert! Baby's first geocache

We left everything in this one and added a golf ball.

Crazy looking tree

Greg finding the 3rd geocache, across a creek
& through the woods

How cool! A birdhouse for a geocache,
someone is very clever!


  1. i'd never heard of geocaches...but how fun. you still might need to explain it to me!

  2. Angie it is SO fun, you and Kyle would enjoy it! You just need a GPS and it is like a treasure hunt! My dad does it a lot and I did a paper on it in grad school and it always caught my attention. Greg went with Dad this summer, so he's really into it now. We are big nerds I suppose :)