Thursday, September 15, 2011

30 is RAD

No one should ever be scared of 30 - it was my best birthday BY FAR! My sweet, yet secretive, husband pulled off a huge surprise party without me knowing. I know everything and this even slipped past me! He came up with an 80s theme, since I'm a product of the 80s. 80s music was blaring, old cassettes and records were the decor, a slideshow of my life was rolling.... it was amazing! People were dressed in 80s garb and I was so confused at first, but eventually after the shock wore off and I figured out what was going on, the fun set in! Amy and Jessica set me up with 80s clothes and I was ready to party -- well, as much as a pregnant woman can party. Here are some pictures, sorry for some of the poor quality!

Me in total shock! Mamaw laughing hysterically!

Trying to hide behind Mom, what am I.... 5 years old?

Me and sis (& Karrie being sneaky in the background)

Me with my little Twink

Jessica and Jeff - no those aren't wigs!

Miami Vice made it to the party

Some 80s chick band

Papaw & me

Then off to dinner at Restaurant Iris on my birthday weekend -
all I can say is.... shrimp 'n' grits!

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