Sunday, July 18, 2010

Who Needs White Beaches and Sunsets

Ok, so don't get too jealous, but Greg and I are going on a one-night, no expenses paid vacation this next weekend to Martin, Tennessee. I know, I know... a little bit on a whim and a little crazy. We decided against the Bahamas or Hawaii and decided to spring for Martin, TN - oh but wait, there is a long explanation if you care to hear why - -

So to become licensed in Tennessee as a teacher, I have to take and pass several series of a test called Praxis. I have passed all sections thus far and have 2 more tests to take. I had registered for one of them to take this next Saturday at the University of Memphis (the only testing center that offers the Praxis exam in Memphis). Well, I then realized last week that I have one more to take and what if I weren't to pass it in the fall? Then I would not have enough time to re-take in order to apply for my teaching license when I graduate in December... are you confused yet? But there were no more openings for the 2nd test I needed at the Memphis testing center. So I had an infamous "Katie Catastrophic Clements Freak-out Moment." These do happen frequently, its just my style. I emailed several of my professors at school and even the licensing lady, I called the testing center to get help, I was freaking out! (just ask my classmate, Ashleigh-Brooke) What if I am unable to get a job because I didn't get this test completed?

So, to skip a lot of boring details - I ended up getting signed up for both tests back to back in Martin, TN because it was the only testing center close enough to Memphis that has openings for both tests. Of course the first test begins at 7:30am and I have no idea where I'm going. So, Greg and I are going up Friday and staying the night there. My parents actually spent some time at Martin in their younger years, so it will be cool to walk the same sidewalks as they did back when...Hopefully during the 5 hours while I'm taking the tests Greg will find something interesting to do in Martin... if you have any ideas on area attractions, please advise!
Moral of this story: prepare in advance

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  1. Awe! I love Martin! Paris is only, like 45 minutes away! and I took voice lessons and whatnot there, when I was in High School! It is little, but I think it has its charm! I am not sure others would agree with me!!! have fun! enjoy a night away from home and GOOD LUCK!!!! Thinking of you!!!!