Saturday, July 10, 2010

Slug Burger in Paradise

Greg and I had a chance to visit our dear friends, Kristy and Scott Kennedy, this weekend. They recently moved to Corinth, MS - less than 2 hours from our driveway. This weekend was the big Slug Burger Festival - which we were hoping to check out. Much to our dismay, the festival started later than we thought and we had to begin our journey back home to begin my beloved homework. We did, however, stop in Borroum's Drug Store before we left for a taste of the famous slug burger. There is a lot of history in this town, I really enjoyed walking in the streets of the old town. Between the food and laughs, we had a great visit.

Wait, you might be asking ... what IS a slug burger? During the Depression years, diner cooks soughtto stretch ground beef to get more burgers per pound. Originally these hamburgers were made using potato flour as an extender. Today, the beef mixture contains soybean grits. The slugburger is made into small patties, which are fried in canola oil. They are traditionally served topped with mustard, dill pickles, and onions on a small 5-inch hamburger bun.

Borroum's Drug Store. Est. 1865
Still operated by Corinth's first female pharmacist.
The fountain inside the pharmacy offers old-fashioned cokes and malts!

Slug Burger Festival flyer

I found this banner funny, posted at the gate of the festival.
Look closely at boy and girl in the picture, looking down there pants...
"There is a difference!"
(brought to you by The Urology Clinic: Corinth, MS)

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