Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Criminal Mind Follows Me

Well I made it to Martin and back and finished my last two Praxis exams! The past few days feel like another life or something. I ended up going to Martin alone - Greg got a better offer for the weekend and I told him to take it. What fun would I be... studying, waking up at the crack of dawn, and testing for 4 hours. And not to be a downer, but there isn't much to do in Martin. The campus is the best part of the town. It's has the friendly, small-town feel but Greg would have definitely been waiting for me at the local Pizza Hut or La Cabana Mexican Restaurant all day and not sure the businesses would appreciate it. So, it all worked out well.
I didn't sleep very well, I was staying at the Days Inn, which has (as I call them) "outdoor" rooms. The doors go straight to the outside. These always scare me a bit because people know what room you're staying in because you're parked right outside the window. And it didn't help that I was one of three people staying at the hotel (or is it motel? I always get those confused) Plus, the window covering never quite covers the window all the way. Instantly, my Dateline NBC and 48 Hour Mystery mind kicks in and the wheels start churning. I thought about parking on the other side of the Days Inn to trick any potential unsubs (again, I watch too many Criminal Minds). But then I thought, that defeats the whole purpose of hitting my car's panic button and scaring off the unsub. I kept reminding myself I was in Martin, TN - what could possibly happen (in a Dateline Keith Morrison voice). Thank goodness for my small travel fan. Sitting right next to me on high. For some reason I think if I can't hear anything, nothing will happen. It's a good mantra I live by.
Anyways - wow, where did all that come from.... see what Greg has to live with? Wowzer...
I slept okay and was up bright and early, showered, ate my graham crackers, and headed out to take the tests. I arrived super early, as always, and waited FOREVER. The first test began at 8:30am, ending at 10:30am - just in time to get in the registration line for my second test that started at 11:45am and ended at 1:45pm. By 2:00pm I was heading out and coming back home. My brain was on overload and was ready to relax to some tunes and drive for a while.
All in all, Martin is a nice little town full of great people.
I guess I'll see in 4 weeks if I passed the darn tests, and if I didn't - I'll be sure to register at a location closer to home!


  1. OMG- "unsub"- geez, no wonder Greg thinks us Conley's are "worrying worriers!" Next time find a cute little B & B. NO OUTDOOR HOTELS EVER!!!

  2. Cute B&B in Martin, TN? You have no idea.......

  3. hahaha!!! martin is ONLY when when students are there and you are from the age or 18-22! very small!!