Monday, June 28, 2010

Return to Running

The last time I really RAN was last April (2009) at the Nashville Music Marathon where I completed the 1/2 marathon in 2 hours and 40-something minutes (Can't find my official time!)
Here I am with my motivator right after crossing the finish line....
The day I ran in this 1/2 it was blasted hot! I had been training in 30-50 degree weather in Memphis. The morning of the 1/2 it was in the 70s and reached the 80s very quickly. My body was definitely not ready for the heat - but I trucked through it and finished. There is a feeling a runner has after running a 1/2 that is unexplainable, it's emotional. Prior to Nashville, I ran the year before in the St. Jude 1/2 marathon - with almost the same exact time. I hope to do another 1/2 within the next 6 months - - we'll see! All of that, to say this...
After spending this past Saturday evening with our neighbors behind us, Matt and Shannon, I got motivated to start running again. I've been in grad school for the last year and it sucked the life and energy out of me. I never want to run... but I'm going to get my run back!
Saturday night, Matt actually brought out his Vibrams.... they were a glorious site to be seen. I have always wanted a pair, secretly. I tried them on and ran around in them around their pool (in my sundress, might I add). If you're not sure what Vibrams are, they are five-fingered sock-like shoes. From talking to my neighbor and reading about them, they actually give you a better work out. They make your legs work a little harder, while lifting the booty all at the same time. I'm nearing 30 and could use this lift! They say its better to not run in cushioned athletic shoes, but to run in a more natural way. If I continue on my running journey and get back into it like I had been in years past, I just might have to get me some Vibrams!
Anyways, I ran tonight - it was hot! But I did 2/2's for 20 minutes. Meaning, I ran 2 minutes and then walked 2 minutes and continued this interval for 20 minutes. It felt great to be back out on the road and hope I can continue! I'll keep you posted...


  1. Dig em'- everyone I know loves them! Do they come in pink?

  2. When you said "nearing 30", I was like "No, we are not!" Um...maybe we are!!! Oh my!
    I just got back into running too AND I am doing 2/2s also. I am waiting til the beginning of August to sign up, but there is a 5k I am trainging for Aug 15. Hopefully, I can stick to running atleast 3 days a week and then run atleast most of it. I love running and races...even if I do come close to last. :)

  3. Yes Run! Run! Run with me!!

    Lauren King---Blog stalker