Saturday, June 19, 2010

Heat Advisory in Effect

Myrtle and the deck. Greg, why so serious?

Well today was blasted HOT! We reached 96 degrees, with a heat index of 105 degrees. It is inhumane. Tried to stay indoors, but got out for a few minutes with Greg to look at our deck work and our beautiful crape myrtles.
You see, Birdie, our precious darling dog, ATE the deck lattice around the bottom of our deck. Last weekend Greg decided to get some fence posts to put in place of the lattice. We, yes WE, measured, cut, and drilled the fence posts into our deck. The guy who sold us the house painted our deck with house paint, so it is chipping and looking pretty bad these days. We are calling it the "distressed" look. So the deck has a ways to go, but it is coming back to life.

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