Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Painting the Fireplace?

What am I getting myself into?  If I sit at home too long (i.e. Fall break) I start to get ideas.  My sister put the bug in my ear a while back ago about painting our fireplace brick - right now they are in their original brick state and I'm seriously thinking of painting them all WHITE!  Of course, I have to paint the fireplace surround too because it is a horrid brass color that stares at me and shines - it is all I see when I am sitting in the living room.  Here are a few before pictures and hopefully I will have a great after photo to share... one day.

Front side of fireplace, into living room

Back side of fireplace, into dining room

You're jealous of the brass, aren't you?

Here are some inspirational photos:

Do you think once I paint the brick white, I'll have fabulous rugs, furniture, and decorative accents show up just like the ones in these photos?

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  1. Our fireplace was red brick when we moved in and we painted it all white within 2 weeks, and haven't regretted it once! I LOVE it! We also painted the surround black and I love the contrast. I think it would look awesome white! :}