Sunday, October 21, 2012

Family Traditions

My mom has always been a card person - she sends cards to everyone for all occasions.  It is one thing I have loved and enjoyed throughout the years since I've left home.  Seeing that card in the mail with mom's handwriting always got me excited & still does to this day.  Now she is starting the same tradition with Sloane and she really enjoys getting cards from her Mimi.

Checking out Elmo

Reading the card, really concentrating!

On the subject of traditions, Greg had a great idea, to start a family tradition of homemade pizza on Friday nights.  This is something we can start and do with Sloane as she grows older.  We were busy this past Friday night, so we tried it out tonight.  Greg got a Weber grill for his birthday, to go with the collection of grills in the backyard.  We ordered the attachment for it to let us smoke pizzas.  It was a success.  Here are some pictures.

While making pizza dough, I caught a few pics of Sloane.

Putting the first pizza into the weber pizza smoker!  700 degrees!!


Our final product - it was very tasty!

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