Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Half Birthday

Today was my first official, full day home with Sloane for the summer.  We had a great day together!  I still get anxious getting out and about with her because she went through a "I hate my car seat and nothing makes it better" phase.  There is nothing worse than driving and having a baby screaming and crying at the top of her lungs in the backseat.  She seems to be out of that phase (fingers crossed and knocking on wood).  We loaded up and did a few errands together and enjoyed the day!  Can not believe I had her 6 months ago.  I still catch myself saying, "I just had a baby"... or "I have a newborn"...  but I guess I can no longer say those things.  Feels like she'll head off to college in a few years at the rate she is growing!  We don't go for her 6 month check up for a few more weeks and I'll know her stats, but at her last appointment a few weeks ago she weighed 17.6 lbs.

6 months old

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