Thursday, May 31, 2012


Yesterday, Sloane and I were able to go visit our friends, the Stimsons.  Cameron and I met in grad school and have kept in close touch since then.  When we met, Cameron had just found out she was pregnant with Rowan.  Now she has 2 beautiful children and I've had Sloane.  My, what a difference 3 years makes!  Here are our blue-eyed blonde haired babies:

Beckett (8 mos) & Sloane (6 mos)

Sloane is so over this photo shoot, Beckett is always ALL smiles!

Sloane and Rowan (2 yrs old)  hanging out!

From a few days ago, thrown in for fun:

Sloane seeing Dada walk through the door from work, priceless :)

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