Friday, May 13, 2011

Sticks and 'Staches...

So, it won't take long for you to see the pictures below to decide what it is exactly I am posting about! YES... Greg and I are pregnant - that sounds weird when you say "we" are pregnant, but if I just say "I"... well I feel like it's just me in this journey and it definitely is not, it has been a team effort! ANYWAYS... we found out that I was pregnant on March 26, 2011 and our lives have really never been the same since! We wanted to wait until we were near the end of the first trimester to announce it to the world for several reasons, but mainly to be sure all is ok!

The Stick
Seeing this on the stick was WEIRD!!!
Life as we know it CHANGED immediately...

After a wonderful and encouraging doctor's appointment yesterday, we decided to spread the news! Here is a picture of our sweet butter bean - as of today I am about 11 weeks pregnant, moving into my 12th week! If you look closely and squint you can see one hand is over the face and one is up against the left side of the head. The baby was moving around, it was the most amazing sight.... and her heart, as always, is the most amazing sound. To think another heart is inside me beating.... holy cow batman!

Now for the story on The 'Stache....

Greg is not a "just 'stache" kind of guy, he prefers (and I prefer) the goatee.....
BUT, Greg and his buddies, at a MSU football game a few years back, decided it would be interesting to make a pregnancy pact (what guys do this? OUR guys...). Whichever wife happened to get pregnant first... the husband of that baby mama must grow a mustache and sport it for the duration of the pregnancy. So there ya have it, Greg's poor naked chin is just out there ... so vulnerable. I may petition for the goatee to come back and this pact to only last a few weeks.... please guys?! Please!!

We are expecting the little one around December 4th. We are choosing NOT to find out the sex of the baby, do you think I can hold out?


  1. A pregnancy pact with guys...that is great! I think you can hold out on not finding out what the baby is. I would prefer to do it that way, but JT needs his time to adjust to the news of girls being in our household, so we find out for him ;)
    Love you and hope you are feeling well!

  2. Yay Katie! I'm so excited for you. I thought something was up when you were up at school last, but I didn't want to pry. Woohoo! I'm going to follow your blog. You'll have to check out mine so we can keep in touch. =)

  3. Thank you Lea, are you so sweet! I keep checking your page to see if Noah has made his arrival! I have seen your blog and love it - full of good food, info, and updates! I LOVE your bump date idea, where did you get it? I may have to do something like that to keep family and friends up to date!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS KATIE!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS to you and Greg!!! It is such a wonderful experience!!! Take care of yourself, rest up!!! Let me know if I can do anything for you! How are you feeling?? XO girl!