Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Introducing our raised-bed garden for this year! We thought we'd give this a try - with some fencing we have been able to keep the Birdie away. Greg built this and planted everything, I can take no credit. Didn't he do a wonderful job? We have tomato plants (cherry and large), squash, bell peppers, banana peppers, cayenne peppers and cantaloupe. The cayenne pepper plant was not in the plan but somehow it ended up making it home with us, so we'll see what we can do with that!


  1. So cool!!! You'll have to give me tips on growing some "maters" in our new yard!!! :-) Missing my Katie girl!!!

  2. Thanks Cameron... well I hope we get some "maters" out of these plants so I can eat on some BLT's this summer!! I miss you too, we MUST see each other soon, are you through with school???!