Friday, December 17, 2010

Jack in the Boxty

I wasn't planning on blogging another post tonight, because my rear is getting numb from sitting for so long. But I got wrapped up in looking at old pictures on my laptop. Do you ever do that? Start looking at photos and get lost in them all? Well, I do it often - I love remembering what was going on in the photo and how I was feeling when the picture was taken.

I opened up the file folder from my trip to Colorado back in September. I never posted any of the pictures from our day trip to Pueblo. Dad took me up to the HARP (The Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo - Emily was headed back up to Denver that day - but she joined us for a little fun. The Riverwalk is amazing, it is in the historic downtown of Pueblo. The Arkansas River runs right through the middle of downtown. All sorts of fun shops and stores run alongside the river. Emily and I sought out a coffee shop right away! Here are some photos:

Me and Emily enjoying yummy coffee on the Riverwalk.

Me and Dad on the bridge, looking over the river.

Soon after all of the walking we did, we got hungry! Dad said he knew of an Irish pub he'd been to that was tasty. We made our way the the Shamrock Brewing Company in downtown Pueblo.

It was way too early for a beer. Instead I had my first Boxty... what is a boxty? My thoughts exactly. I usually don't branch out on foods that I am unsure of, but the description was intriguing:

"Boxty: Irish potato pancakes, or Aran Boct Ti, has been around almost as long as the potato itself. A part of a unique tradition in Irish food. Our boxty are stuffed with some of the freshest Irish ingredients and topped with unique sauces."

And unique my boxty was ... I ordered the Vegan Boxty, which contained artichoke hearts, roasted peppers and spinach; topped with sundried tomato pesto cream. I keep kicking myself for not taking a photo of the beautiful boxty, but found a photo online that looks pretty similar to what I had that day...

I'm fairly sure that boxtys did not look or taste this good back in the days of the Irish potato famine. So next time you step into an Irish pub, I hope you order a boxty - at least you'll know what they are.... all 2 of you who read this ;)

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  1. aahh the boxty! That was fun and BTW- how HOT are we?? bababahaha.