Sunday, August 29, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mine grows organically, in a box! Yes, that is correct - an EarthBox Growing System. My agricultural-intelligent father discovered this wonderful method of growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers. I ultimately control what goes into our bodies by growing plants in our Earth Box.

I recently inherited my grandparent's Earth Box. As I was unsure what to do with this empty box, I quickly emailed Dad. He was able to tell me exactly what I needed; he even went as far as ordering the products for me: Growing Media, Fertilizer, and Dolomite. I sat down last Sunday evening in our screened in porch and put the Earth Box together. See below:
Soil, Dolomite, Fertilizer, EarthBox, Seed

If you notice, there is a black tube in the top left corner of the EarthBox - this is the tube you put water into the planter and it keeps a water reservoir at the bottom of the box for the roots of the plants. The black cover is a mulch cover that prevents fertilizer from being washed away.

Once I completed the setup of my EarthBox, I planted my zucchini (Squash Sure Thing hybrid) seeds.
I only planted a few seeds on one side of the planter. I have seed for spinach, but am going to wait until my zucchini plays out to plant the spinach - it is more of a Fall vegetable anyways. In the meanwhile, I have some Poppy flower seeds to plant to add some color. I am hoping they'll produce well so that I can have some homegrown flowers in the house!

Drum roll please....

For the exciting news - I planted the zucchini less than a week ago and I saw the first sighting of the plant today!
You may be asking what happened to the bottom right
hand corner of my EarthBox... her name is Birdie.

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