Monday, March 14, 2011

Allergic to Teaching?

For several weeks now I have wondered if I am allergic to kids and teaching. I've always had sinus problems, but ever since I began teaching 6 weeks ago - I have stayed sick!

Well the verdict is in - I am HIGHLY allergic to dust mites and grass and have cysts in my sinus cavity. I should be a science experiment for someone.

Lovely... I am also a candidate for allergy shots.
A shot per week, for a year? No way, I don't want to deal with that!

For now the doctor gave me 2 different nasal sprays, of which the doctor wants me to use religiously each day. I'll see how that helps my sinus issues and go back to see her in a month.
Dust mites? Ugh, what are those? I am so disgusted right now at the thought of tiny mites lingering around in the dust around our house. I can dust in the morning and new dust appears within hours - how is one to keep a house free of dust mites? I wash our sheets every Saturday, dust, and vacuum. I swear I'm a clean person. Having this new diagnosis really creeps me out. I won't even google what a dust mite is, afraid I'll go into anaphylactic shock.

As for being allergic to grass - sorry Greg, no longer can I help you with mowing the yard and raking... doctor's orders.

FYI - if you are allergic to dust mites DO NOT use a humidifier. Humidity actually causes the production of more dust mites - ack!!!

Here are some nice pictures of my allergy test that was done on my poor arm!

Pretty hardcore, eh?

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