Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Black Honey

No... I am not blogging about the latest porn star... but about my latest favorite beauty treat! I am a chapstick junkie,but sometimes I do want to spruce up my look. However, I do not like dry lipsticks or sticky glosses. I have found something that puts the best of both of these into one sleek tube!

Amy introduced me to the Clinique Almost Lipstick shade, Black Honey. It has a lipstick look with a glossy, moist touch. It looks almost black in the tube, but once on your lips it takes on a new color according to your skin tone. It is known to be universally flattering. Plus, it is intriguing because it looks different on each person. How it looks on me is completely different than how it looks on my sister. I can pop it on if I'm running out to do some errands or wear it for a night out on the town!

This product retails for $14 and can be found at the Clinique counter.

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